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Lumhaa helps you build memory jars with your favorite people so you can share memories with them thoughtfully

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For anyone who wants to build memory jars πŸ›ˆ. Free jars hold up to 30 memories, and include unlimited shares / members

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For people who want to create memory jars with unlimited memories. Popular with gift givers and serial journalers

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πŸ‘‘ Lumhaa for Organizations

For schools and businesses looking to improve well-being and create a sense of belonging using memory jars

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Building memory jars in pairs or groups can bring us closer together and make us happier. So whether you're creating a memory jar with your friends, family, or even people you work with, our app has everthing you need to collaborate and celebrate together

Lumhaa Memory Jars

Lumhaa: Memory Jar App

Build memory jars with your favorite people

Create different memory jars for your hobbies, relationships, groups, events, and more

  • Unlimited memory jars for every aspect of your life
  • Multimedia memories (photos, videos, text, audio, and PDFs)
  • Add descriptions, emotions, and captions to each post
  • Prompts & Templates to make jar and memory creation easier
  • Easily invite others by sharing jar links for them to fill your jars with you
  • Reminder options so you can post / stay in touch however frequently you want to
  • Private forever with no ads or selling data
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We're doing this because science shows that memory jars are good for ourselves and for our relationships. We also help you do more with your memory jars:

Lumhaa Share Jar Link

when you want multiple memory jars in one place

Custom Links with Jar Collections For Family Trees, Weddings, and Other Events

If you have multiple memory jars that need to be available on one link -- like when you have a memory jar for each family member in a family tree, or for each event at a wedding, for example -- we help you build customized, interactive pages featuring your jar collections

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Lumhaa Shop

when you want to take your memory jars beyond the screen

Personalized Physical Products Linked To Your Digital Memory Jars

We make 3 types of fun original and handcrafted products for you:

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100K+ people are spreading joy through memories with Lumhaa. Are you ready to join the movement?