The Daily Show

I saw Trevor Noah when I was at the filming of the daily show! He came to Stanford for a standup last year, but it was super exciting to see him in his natural habitat.

Broadway Lottery

The first time I entered a Broadway lottery, I won! I recently got two tickets to Dear Evan Hansen.

Getting drunk on a horse farm

The first time we tried to get one of my friends drunk, we were sitting on the porch at a horse farm in Long Island. My friends and I got drunk but the one girl we were trying to loosen up turned out to be a heavier weight than all of us.

Epic kick

The other day, I saw a guy kick a soccer ball all the way over the arch. It was insane. Everybody was standing around taking photos.

Surf camp with brother

My brother is too young to be alone so I brought him to surf camp in the Rockaways.

Twin Towers

For 9 11 last year, we snuck up onto this rooftop that used to have a direct view of the twin towers and just stood there for a while. I remember when those two buildings stoof there and still have not gotten myself to visit the what is it called now? Freedom tower?