New York Forever

I came to New York years ago, hoping to just get my career started. I did not realize until much later that I had fallen in love with the city, and that I wanted to spend the rest of my life here.

Diversity Conference

I went to a high school diversity conference that really made me passionate about social justice and changed the way I view the world.


My friend took me to see Hamilton when it was performing in Seattle. It sounds silly - I was already a huge theatre nerd - but seeing that show made me want to pursue theatre seriously and devote my whole life to it.

Nursing School

The best and most important decision I ever made was going back to nursing school, almost ten years after I first graduated from college.

Solar Eclipse

The 2017 solar eclipse happened right before I left for college, so I remember it as the most recent turning point in my life - a cosmic occurrence to mark the moment when I left behind everything that I knew and loved to embark on a new adventure.

High School Graduation

Graduating from high school was my proudest accomplishment, and it was really the end of an era for me.

Art Therapy

Starting art therapy was a huge turning point in my battle with depression.

Book Club

I met some of my best friends through high school dances. We would feel too awkward to actually dance, so instead, we would meet up in a quiet classroom and drink tea and talk about books together like total nerds.

Coming to Terms

I came out as bisexual for the first time this year, but the real turning point was when I came to terms with my sexuality and started loving myself for who I am.


I have a pretty standard office job, but skiing is my passion. It is what I wish I could do all day. So I guess a turning point in my life is the first time I ever went skiing!