100th Birthday

When I turned 100, they had a party here for me. They brought fried chicken and potato salad and corn and cake. I was an August baby. And then they had a big celebration at the church for me. I used to make potato pie for the church.

Love at 98

My husband was a boxer. He was in service men. Every morning, I would hear him use this bag in a rhythm. He kept his muscle like a 20-year-olds. His back and his stomach and arms were all muscular. The rhythm was music to my ears. He would bring me breakfast and coffee after working out. He boxed 70 years.

Family Fun

Shopping as a family. We just had fun together as a family. We spent 48 years of that time together.

Going Out with My Husband

We were just rollerskating, and then he would leave me to dance, and then he would sing to me. He had a nice voice. He had the same voice as Ray Charles.

Working at the bookstore

I worked at the Princeton University bookstore for 28 years - I shipped and received textbooks. I received and marked the textbooks. Very expensive then - double the price now.

YMCA Dance

I met my husband through a friend. He was in the service at the time. I was young and had no sense. We were at the YMCA at a dance. He was a good dancer, not me. I danced on his feet.

Oh, Alabama!

I had friends. My granddaughter looks after me: my daughters daughter. My older sister is still alive in Alabama. I have a nephew I keep up with. I was born in Alabama - I lived there all my life. It is where I originated from. They had corn fields and a garden. Oh, Alabama!

His princess

I have special memories of my husband. He was special to me and he always called me his princess.

School Memories

I enjoyed typing, stenography in school. I had nice friends in school. I was in a play once in a while.

Moms Cooking

My moms cooking is a fond memory, especially pea soup, meatloaf, matzah ball soup, kashe varnishkes, chicken fricassee.

Marie LoPreste

My favorite memory is about my mother. When I was a child I loved to watch my mother comb her hair. She had long black wavy hair. I thought it was so beautiful and she wore it in a beautiful bun and I always wished I had her hair.

Pig Latin

I was from England. So I lived in the basement - spent my life there - because we were being bombed by the Germans. We stayed in the basement for about 20 years. That is when I learned to speak Pig Latin. When I see them - my family - we still speak Pig Latin.

Persian lamb coat in hospital

I had a Persian lamb coat when I was a nurse. And my first husband [to be] had a heart attack, so he was a patient in a suite. I had a date that night, so I asked if I could leave my coat in his suite. The next day, there were a dozen roses on my desk from him that said, "I hope your next date is with me."

Fleeing England During WWII

When I came to America, we came on a bus. I came by myself. I have three sisters in England, and they came over a month later. We took them to Macys and gave them money to shop, but they did not get out of the chair because they were scared. -They were in England during the World War, and they spent their entire lives in the basement because the houses around them were being bombed.

Happiest moments

When I was married. The birth of my children. Happy times when parents and siblings were together. The birth of my grandchildren.

A great looking fellow

The first time I met Russ Hucket, I thought, "Woe is me. He is such a great looking fellow! Where did my brother get to bring him here at sister Pollys house? I will never get to know him! He is just too great and way beyond me!" That weekend, sister Polly called and said, "Someone wants to talk to you." A voice said, "This is Russ, and I met you at your sisters house. I would like to have a date with you!" I almost collapsed, then chatted with him...Then, he wanted to know if I would go out on a date. Well...only a year later, we were married! Wow! And eventually, we had three children , Wayne, Laurie, and Kirk. What a great fellow he was.


Best memory, I will try to remember, I have been fortunate, I had very good memories. They have all been good. So lets say I remember all good.

Tragic Anniversary

Marriage anniversary was hard. He died on our anniversary. We were married 25 years. We were having a surprise party, and I was surprised by his death.

Happy Times With Family

My son was president of Merrill Lynch. He left to go to Boston because he had gone as high as he could go with the company. He is on his own in Boston. They still come and see me at least once a month. Rese, Joyce, and Kurt come here with their dog.

Waiting to Enlist

I was in the navy from 1942 to 1945. I was on the gold order - on the boat. Submarine chaser. I wanted to go when I was 18 but people - my father - would not sign the papers. So I waited to enlist. I was later discharged for medical reasons because I had headaches and could not serve anymore. That made me sad.

Quiet Wedding

My parents did not approve of the wedding. My mother was very unhappy that I was getting married in a Catholic church, and she did not come. It was a quiet wedding.

About My Children

Sons: 1 is in psychiatry. 1 works for the government. 1 is a business person. 1 is a principal of a school in California. My daughter died when she was 38. She was writing a book then and was briefly a teacher. I do not usually talk about my daughter, but recently, I have been trying to finish the book she had been writing. It has been hard, especially since I do not remember what the book is supposed to be about.

My wedding day

The most exciting time in my life was when I got married! It was a big party in Newark. I had a wedding dress, a wedding cake, a boquet of roses... It was magical. Roses were my favorite flower.

Coming to the senior home

My wife died about 7 years ago. After 5 years I lived by myself. It got to the point where I could not take care of myself. So my friend Barbara and I came here and I have been here 36 months. I am happy here. Everybody treats me good here. If you treat them good, they will treat you good.

Returning from the Hospital

When my children were born in Maimonides, New York, I was elated when they showed me the babies. My neighbors were waiting outside to see me and the baby when I arrived home.

Pivotal moments

My high school years. Dancing in Times Square. Marching in protest in Washington DC. Birth of my children. End of war


My life with a good husband, my 2 children, and all my grandchildren.

Lucky in love thrice

I had 3 husbands. They were the best, but unfortunately, they all died. And they were all Bachelors so they knew what they were doing and what they wanted. One was a diplomat and he saved lives in Germany. He snuck children out of his car from Germany. The second was a patient of mine. If I had to pick one of the three, I could never pick one forever.


The whole family used to go to the Catskills. My aunt and uncle owned a hotel there, so I used to go over there and eat. We honeymooned there too!

Swimming for Booze

When I came to America, I could speak French. So I worked in a foreign department of a bank. I could speak French because when I was in England, you could swim to France. People swam over to England all the time to buy liquor.

Preventing a suicide

My most memorable case was when a woman who had a breast removed because of cancer and her future husband left her. She tried to jump out the window and I went and stopped her and caught her. I am so glad I was there at the right time.

Twice Married

The happiest day of my life was when I got married - we got married twice! Once in Brooklyn when we got registered, and once in New York by the rabbi, because my husband was very religious.

Things changed in WW2

My grandparents came from Italy and they did not know each other. My grandmothers side they all know the King. I was the first child in the family and I was terribly spoiled. We were alternating meals, then WW2 came. My uncle was a doctor so we was important to the war.

Joy in grandchildren

My daughters birth. She was born in February 1958. She gave me lots of joy. She blessed me with three beautiful grandchildren, 2 boys and a sweet granddaughter. They are now grown and they still bring me loads of joy when they come to visit.

Four Births

The day I gave birth to all four of my children: 6/23/56, 9/29/63, 12/30/76, 1/9/82


The honeymoon was never over! Wedding had the whole family. My husband loved clothes and dressing. He takes his son shopping for a suit. Every time they went shopping together, they had such a fun time. We had so much fun.

Trip to Hawaii

We took a trip to Hawaii. It was a lovely trip. We had been married almost 40 years and we had no more children at home so...We visited all the islands and went to the volcano top - I almost fell in but not quite. We just generally had a very good time. Honeymoon we never got the first time.

Love with Unmet Potential

Before I was married...my sister was born with a limited capacity. She had speech defects and visual defects, but she was a very happy person. By the time she was in her early 30s, and she met a man that she fell in love with. Because no parents approved of the marriage, they just dated. My sister became ill, and eventually she died. Shortly after that, the man committed suicide. My father was very upset about that. They held themselves responsible. Their deaths contributed to the growing distance in the family.

Going to school in Alabama

I went to school in Alabama for a short time - there was not much for black people to do. Everyday I went to school - my parents made me. We wore what we had - no uniforms. We did not have the things white people had - we only had what we could afford - my mother made our clothes in her sewing machine.

Swinging Bridge

I went to school a few days a week, when the weather was good. We had to walk. Over a bridge swinging. That was many years ago.

Summers in Conneticut

I loved visiting my grandparents who lived in Conneticut. I was 9 years old. My father would put me on the train and all of my uncles would meet me at the station. I would spend the whole summer with them. One of my favorite memories.


I was happy when I got married but God took her and I miss her.

Mistaken identity

I am impressed with your project (activity) and I would like to contribute to your effort. There are several highlights in my life - mainly long intervals punctuated by crowning successes. Such was my acheivement to recue my best man in my wedding by promulgating an experiment and during which saved his life. There are other highlights in my C.V. to be proud, but some could be considered humorous, such as when I was mistakenly listed as a war criminal. Talk about mistaken identity.

Combat in Nazi Germany

I survived 32 combat missions over Nazi Germany in WWII, in a four-engine bomber. I was a bombardier and navigator.

Happiest memories

Alice. First baby. When I got married.


I graduated school in Newark at the age of 29. I studied everything in school. I wore a cap and gown and still have it! My family - my mother, father, sister - all attended.

Lost bathing suit

My memory is about my husband. We went to the Catskills for a weekend. We went in the pool for a swim. My husband lost his bathing suit when he jumped into the pool.

Clapping for herself

My great-granddaughter came on a cruise with us. And she was the only child on the boat. So she would go to different rooms and dance but she did not know what applause was so she would clap for herself too.

Recovering from paralysis

I was 21 months in the Philadelphia Naval Hospital. I was completely paralyzed. I was put in the oxygen tent and then I had the priest come and my wife and my sister were there and I was pulled out just fine. I could not do much for about 3 to 4 years after that. I was like a family member in the hospital, nurses took me out to dinner and went out for football games at with Red Cross. I love football games, do not really support a team.

Nurse to stockbroker

I was a nurse. And then my husband wanted me to be a stockbroker. But I was a nurse and did not know anything about being a broker. Anyway, they got me to take an exam, and I was then a stockbroker.