El Camino

While I was in Spain, I sat outside in the most beautiful place in northern Spain on El Camino Santiago. That was probably one of the more surreal moments of that trip.

Fitting In

I had a really difficult time adjusting to New York. I can point to the moment when I finally felt like I fit in. I snuck onto a rooftop of the apartments above the whole foods right there and was chatting with a friend looking out at the skyline.

Guy with Saxophones

I went to the grand opening of the new subway stations and saw the guy with the saxophones on the wall. The actual guy came with two saxes to take photos in front of it.

Unbreakable Bond

An unsaid memory has to be all of the winning, losing, sweat, and hard work that created an unbreakable bond, one that I am extremely thankful for.


For some reason, when I think back to high school, one of the first memories that come up is hanging out at Press every week for a good part of second semester.

Getting in Trouble

I remember doing wrong things and getting in trouble with my parents. What I did, I will not tell you!

Goodbye Letter

When I was younger, I often felt suicidal. One time, I wrote a goodbye letter to my closest friend, and when he received it, he came to see me and made sure that I would be alright.

Difficult Siblings

I have had a lot of difficult interactions with my siblings in lots of different ways. We love each other very much, but it was not easy growing up together.

Closed Off

If I have memories that I do not usually share with other people, what makes you think that I would share them with you?


I do not ever talk about my family with anyone else.


I do not feel very close to my parents, and I wish that were different all the time.

Oregon Beach

I do not think I have ever felt more at peace than I did when I stayed at a beach in Oregon for a week. It was so beautiful and untouched - I would love to return someday.

Secret Pride

I went to the pride parade last summer, even though I am not out to anyone in my family yet and they do not know that I went.


I am really into exploring haunted houses and abandoned ruins and things like that.


I guess I have not really told people about all the gardening that I do.


Something about being near the ocean always makes me want to wade deep into the water and never come up again.

Loaded Diaper

My friend introduced me to a kind of smore called a "loaded diaper," where you stick a piece of chocolate inside a marshmallow and roast it, no graham cracker required. It is the only way I make smores now, but I do not tell people about it because it has such a gross name and I cannot bring myself to explain it out loud!

Hot Chocolate

There was this one night last winter, where a couple of us got together and made hot chocolate. We made a huge mess, but everyone was laughing and having a good time. Even though it is a small moment, it is one of my favorite memories of my friends and I.


When I was younger, my dad used to bring me to the park, where they were making a mosaic piece. I remember wanting to grow up to be a mosaic artist.


Since moving here, I have actually had waves of homesickness but I would never actually share that with people.


As gymnasts, my teammates and I have shared so many memories that not many other people will get to experience and I am so thankful for all of these girls who have contributed to my successes.

John Lennon Wall

One of the less exciting moments of that trip, but one of my favorites, was visiting the John Lennon wall and just watching people come and go, spray painting, while a group of guys were sitting on the side with a guitar, singing Beatles songs.

Bus Robber

When I was thirteen years old, a group of bad men held up and robbed a bus that I was riding on. They pushed me out of the bus, took my things, and then shot me. I spent a month recovering in the hospital.


I do not talk about any memories here. I do not talk very much here. My English is not very good.

Immigrant Struggles

When I came to New Jersey, I looked everywhere for a job. I had a bachelors degree and good grades, but everyone turned me away because I could not speak English very well yet. I wish more people knew about how hard it is to find a job here when you are not from America, even if you are smart and have a good education.

Mud Puddle

Sometimes when I hang out with my friends, we do really stupid things that I am too embarrassed to talk about. There was this one time when my friend and I came across a mud puddle, and we just laid down and rolled around in it for a long time.


I do not feel like there is anyone I trust enough to listen to my problems.

Romance Is Not Dead

When I was 9 or 10 years old, my dad took me to New York to visit some relatives. On the way back, we were waiting for our train at Grand Central when I saw this young man standing next to us, holding a bouquet of roses wrapped in brown paper. They were really nice roses, not like the kind you get at grocery stores or Kmart. He stood there for a few minutes, and then a young woman came running up to him, cried out his name, and jumped into his arms. I looked at my dad then and saw that he was also watching them. He had such a wistful look in his eye as he nodded and said, “That is how you do it.” For some reason, I felt like that moment was a revelation for me. It has been so many years, but I have never forgotten it.

Puerto Rico

I travelled to Puerto Rico once, and it was the loveliest place. But I honestly forget that it happened sometimes, and I end up not telling people about the trip.

Safe Space

I spend a lot of time just writing, drawing, and reflecting in my room. It is my safe space.

4th of July

The last time I saw my best friend was at the 4th of July fireworks. We have been living on opposite sides of the globe ever since then.


I usually do not tell people that I am a huge art nerd. I really enjoyed going to the Rembrandt exhibit at the Seattle Art Museum a couple years back.


I gave up my dream of becoming an astrophysicist because I was not confident enough in my ability to learn advanced mathematics and physics.

Last Date

The last date I went on with my ex-girlfriend is a magical and bittersweet memory. We had a picnic in a meadow full of daisies and stumbled upon a curious fairy house in the woods.


When I finally ventured out of Manhattan on a run, I came across a really cool graffiti wall in Williamsburg. Since then, I try to detour through that neighborhood whenever I run.

Hitchhiking Across Canada

I hitchhiked across Canada while I was between jobs. I used to tell this story but people always responded with something like "flying is so much faster" so I stopped.


I wish I could share my memories of me and my siblings more often, but because they do not live in California, I never get a chance.

Traditional Edifices

As much as I like modern architecture, it was actually more traditional edifices that inspired me to study architecture.


I used to play baseball, and I was a pitcher, and I pitched a lot of good games. I find that to be one of my better memories, but it never really comes up in conversation.

Pool Hero

When I was eleven or twelve, I was at a family party, and a cousin who was younger than me fell into the pool without her floaties on. I jumped in and I saved her from drowning. I do not talk about it very much, though, because I am not an egoist like everyone else is these days.


I got myself into some dangerous situations when I was little, situations where I almost died. I do not like to talk about them because it makes me nervous just to think about them.

Cultural Revolution

My husband and I lived in fear throughout the Cultural Revolution. We had everything taken away from us. Even now, I have nightmares about the things that I saw.


I am on a diet right now, which means I have to get a side of apple with my order right now instead of a side of bread.


I share everything with everyone! I guess that is something about myself that I do not usually share.


I got especially close to this boy named Misha. It was so hard to say goodbye to him when camp ended. In this picture, he is showing me a bouquet of flowers that he made to look like a "pirate skull!"

Catacombs of Paris

My favorite part of Paris was the catacombs. People look at me weirdly when I say that I liked looking at all the skulls and bones more than I liked looking at the art in the Louvre.

Little Sister

I do not talk about my little sister very much. Most people do not even know that I have a sibling.

Harry Potter World

I went to Harry Potter World over winter break! It was a blast, but I do not tell people because I am not supposed to like Harry Potter anymore at my age.

Cake Baking Competition

My sister and I won the cake baking competition at our school last spring!

Biking and Blackberries

I biked through the woods into an open clearing with lots of blackberry bushes and spent the entire afternoon just sitting in the grass and eating blackberries. It was one of the simplest but most therapeutic experiences that I have ever had.

Travelling Solo

I love to travel and explore the outdoors, but only when I am not with my family. They inevitably stress me out so much and ruin the experience for me.