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Never have I ever been on a reality TV show audition

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Never Have I Ever Instructions

Gather the Group: Assemble all the players in a circle or around a table
Designate a Prompt Giver: Choose one person to be the "Prompt Giver" for the round. Their role is to read out the "Never Have I Ever" prompts
Hold Up Fingers: Each player starts with five fingers raised. When the Prompt Giver reads a "Never Have I Ever" statement, players put down one finger for each statement they have experienced. For example, if the statement is "Never Have I Ever gone bungee jumping," players who have gone bungee jumping put down one finger
Share Stories: Encourage players to briefly share stories or anecdotes about their experiences related to the prompts. This adds humor and depth to the game
Elimination: When a player has put down all their fingers, they are "out" for that round. The last player remaining with fingers up wins the round
Rotate the Prompt Giver: After each round, rotate the role of the Prompt Giver to keep the game lively and ensure everyone has a chance to participate.